Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Update/Review for "Smoke" Tanning lotion

I purchased Smoke tanning lotion not to long ago and as promised here is an update on it.

I am finally seeing a difference in my tans. I do switch up my tanning routine though, so it could be the different beds plus the lotion that is making the difference. This tanning lotion is white in color but don't let it fool you. I noticed results second time I went and at that time I was just doing 15 minutes in regular bed. If you do not rub it in well you may see some streaking marks but those can be removed with a little bit of water mixed with lemon juice.This lotion smells pretty good too.Depending where you get it, it runs from $40-90.Overall,I am happy with it. It is giving me the results I wanted, it smells good, it is decent price (again depending where you get it it runs about the same as other good lotions).

So next time u guys go tanning don't forget to shower before you go, and then apply the lotion. This way the color will last longer, but if you shower right after your tanning session the color will fade. Don't forget to switch up your routine. Try to go every other day or at 2x a week depending on your color and switch up the tanning beds.


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