Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm back online!

Sorry for not updating in a few days. I've been experiencing problems with my home phone and internet, but they finally fixed it. I was going insane because I have a pay as you go phone and couldn't even call them to fix it, and not to mention an assignment due and some research I had to do as well as a midterm all due Today!!
Not to mention some idiot from cogeco telling me to reset EVERYTHING (both the modem and router) yeah..don't ever do that, especially if you have DLINK router! Now they are charging for the service of setting your dlink all over again, meanwhile it was free!
I spent the entire day calling from my boyfriend's phone and arguing with them because somehow they don't believe its their fault for hiring dumbass people! I was beyond frustrated but now it's all good because I fixed it myself.I'm glad I'm somewhat of a comp geek and can find ways around all this without paying them to provide me with a gay ass IP address. Total bullshit!
But yeah, enough rambling lol...just don't always listen to what they say because most of the time,some of these people have no clue what they are talking about and clearly are not trained in the field. Seems like they are willing to hire anyone and not train them properly so they don't have to pay them more! Cheap bastards lol

So now that the midterm is done and my assignment I have to try to catch up to my readings because I have fallen behind with all this bs going on. However, I will still be updating and posting new content :)
Hope you guys have a wonderful day.


Bojan said...

As someone who worked for cellphone company for over 3 years I can tell you that the best you can do every time you call is ask for supervisor because

a ) supervisors are most likely the most educated agents that are on the floor that can actually help you

b ) most of the supervisor have to provide you with their ID or some identification so then if something is messed up, you can call back and say that such and such supervisor messed up your account.

Just some hints *wink*

xoxkissablexox said...

great tips..i need to do that next time..i had so many problems with virgin mobile before..they screwed me over big time with bills cuz i'd get 3 a month and once i actually paid it..and after that i refused to pay and they sent me to collection cuz of that..i cancelled my account and don't want nothing to do with them..but the thing im kinda concerned about do u actually know ur speaking with the supervisor? they can all say they are supervisors just pass the phone to the employee next to them and they can pretend they are supervisors no?

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