Sunday, October 18, 2015

Rimmel Wonder' lash mascara with Argan Oil

I thought this mascara might be good because it's made with Argan oil but I was not too impressed. I was under impression that it would condition my lashes but it was pretty dry and it didn't really make much difference to my eyelashes. One thing I do give it credit for is the ability to separate eyelashes. It didn't clump much.

Pro: Didn't clump too much, pretty good ar separating eyelashes
Cons: Dry, didn't notice difference in my eyelashes length wise.

Overall:  I would not purchase this again. It didn't work for me. I was hoping the Argan oil would moistures the eyelashes and help them grow perhaps but it was pretty dry. Only good thing is it kinda separated the eyelashes . Price was about $10.

Fave pre workout

By far my favorite pre workout suppliment yet. Tastes great!  I mix it with blue gatorade!

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