Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011-daycare stuff

Hello everyone!
For some this might seem like an old post or something I should've posted earlier, but I've been busy and at the same time I celebrate 2 Christmas' so this is a good timing for me to put some of the presents I got for the Christmas that just passed. I also celebrate Christmas on Jan 7 (since we also follow the old Gregorian Calendar).

I'm going to start off with a small gift kids and I made for their parents:
I had children pick from red,gold, and silver ornaments. Then I painted their 3 fingers with paint and placed the ornament in their palm. I told them to now close their fist and "hug" the ornament. This left 3 finger marks on the ornaments (soon to be snowmen). Then they put their name and decorated the snowman ornament. They really enjoyed this and parents like the little gifts :)


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