Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tanning tips

Here are some tips
If you are new to tanning, take it easy only do 5-7 in regular if you burn easily, if not maybe go for 7-10 in regular
-Exfoliate before you go-shower-lotion and then apply your tanning lotion
If you are experienced tanner don't forget to exfoliate, switch it up! Don't just do regular all the time, try 3x the intensity (but again, if you burn easily then just stick to regular or you can try 3x the intensity but in the minimal amount. If you feel like you are burning don't hesitate to stop your tanning session.

If you are using a self tanner or a tanning lotion that leaves some streaks don't panic. Mix a little bit of water with lemon juice and get rid of the stains. But next time make sure you rub it all in well!


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