Wednesday, June 5, 2013

No No Razer-Review Follow Up

For some reason my previous post did not publish and was put into draft.For those who are followers you noticed that I have been missing in action for a while, but now I am back. My mom had purchased the no no razor for my birthday. At first it didn't really work..I did not see any results for the longest time and then I switched the razors (because my mom bought extra razors) and then it started working on my arms. It seemed as if they gave me ones that were already used and burned out. The new razor worked really good on my arms but Overall... I did not see any changes my legs and in the bikini area. It did work on my arms however. The hair on my arms didn't come back right away. I am slowly noticing it come back now after almost a month. So if you want something with longer lasting results...give it a try If you are looking for something with quick and immediate results I would not recommend it because for me this product took a while to notice results. I had to use it for over a week on a daily basis to notice hair disappearing.

No No-razor REVIEW

I got this for my b-day as a present from my mom! Not sure exactly how much it was since it was a b-day present. I tried using it and so far not too pleased with it. It does say give it time, so I will just do that. You have to charge it for at least 5 hrs before using it the first time. There are 3 heat settings, low,medium and high. When you first use it, it might smell like burnt hair. It comes with two attachments (one for smaller areas of the body like facial hair and bigger for legs and such. So far I find that it's hard to remove bikini area hairs and armpit hair,however it's been pretty good so far on larger areas such as legs. It says to give it 45 days so I will definitely do a follow up. ----------------------------------------------------------------- If you plan to use this or any other material from my site, please contact me before you share anything from here, and please read my content policy.THANKS!

Animal Testing

After seeing this picture it finally sank in.This has got to stop! You always hear about animal testing and people protesting it..well this is why.. I am a very visual person so unless I don't see it it don't really effect me but after seeing this it really got to me. These animals don't deserve this... If they want to test something they can test on those people who are in prison for murdering and molesting little children and other people..not innocent animals.. One way to really show your support is by stop buying their product. There is a list on the picture of most of the companies that test on animals! Please spread the word ! Thanks

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