Sunday, April 18, 2010

this just melted my heart

I'm a huge animal lover and this just melted my heart. I don't know if you are aware but many seals are slaughtered daily in Canada. When I first came across this on facebook I was very disturbed and just heartbroken. The pictures are very gruesome. The killers kill both the babies and the parents and if you are brave enough to youtube it or facebook it you will see what I'm talking about. It's just terrible. There are many facebook groups that you could join and help. Please if you can take your time to join and sign the petitions to try to stop the brutal seal hunt. Thank you.

This is something to brighten up your day; a girl cuddling with the seal- super cute


* Jewelry Designer: Harjot * said...

Its so sad I know

Lion Rampant said...

Let's hope these poor creatures finally get the protection they deserve but if there is money to be made from killing them, then there will always be some crooks out there willing to do it.

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