Sunday, December 2, 2007

Cheap Gifts for the holidays

Who wouldn't want to save some money for the holidays? I know I spend a fortune on gifts, but these are some excellent ideas. It gives the true meaning of Christmas and about spending time with family and friends, its more than just exchanging gifts. Most of these gifts come straight from the heart.

Homemade gifts by the month:
Youve probably seen the commercial gift-of-the-month clubs that offer flowers, fruits and vegetables, wines, even cigars by the month. By drawing on your own talents, you can create a personal monthly gift service at a fraction of the dollar cost. Maybe its freshly baked bread, homemade candles, flowers or vegetables from your garden that you bestow on lucky friends or family each month -- even a poem or car washing. Be careful, though. It can be a big time commitment. You might want to ratchet it down to quarterly gifts or consider doing something that you can make ahead, such as jams or homemade soaps. The worst thing you can do with this kind of gift? Not deliver on your promises.

Your time:
Consider monthly babysitting or dog-care coupons or help someone do a difficult all-day project, such as getting garden beds ready for spring planting or building shelves for a hobby room. Lend your expertise to things your loved ones especially need help with, whether its an all-day class on how to use their computer or how to cook some of the family recipes you've compiled for them.

Homemade gifts:
These can include, personalized T-shirts, blankets, mugs, jams, etc. Use your imagination.
Things like blankets, and mugs, those can be done at Wal-mart at a low cost.


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