Friday, August 31, 2012

Nair-Cire Divine -strip free wax- REVIEW

I got tired of purchasing razors so I thought I'd give this strip free wax a try.I  purchased Nair -Cire Divine  strip free microwave wax for about $15.It comes with a little microwavable bowl and a spatula as well as moist towelettes. I tried it a few days ago and I did not like it at all. Here are the reasons why:

  • Too stringy
  • Very hard to remove (the little moist towelette were not  effective in removing the wax residue)
  • Does not come with enough towelettes
  • Not effective- barely got any hair off and was painful (regular wax strips work so much better and are just as painful as this)
  • Very messy
  • Pricy 
  •  Microwavable
 Overall..I did not like this product and I am not planning on purchasing this particular product again. I like the regular wax better with the strips.This product would be better if it wasn't so stringy and if it was more effective in removing the hair and contained more towelettes that helped remove the leftover residue.The only thing I liked about this is the fact that it is microwavable . So in conclusion, if you want to use a wax , stick to wax with strips instead of this strip free wax or just plain ol ' razors. It is more effective but I will definitely stick to razors.

Oh and try not to spill it because it will be a pain in the rear getting it off the floor..and on top of all that I stepped on it and it's even harder getting it off your foot and all the things that get stuck to the bottom of your foot.


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