Wednesday, December 19, 2012

RECALL---Dollarama Huggies- please read and share

Dollarama has removed two products from their shelves after unsafe levels of Staphylococcus were found in both. Merida Cleansing Wipes (used for removing makeup) can contain Staphlyococcus aureus which can cause impetigo, boils & folliculities Huggies Pure Baby Wipes contain a Staphylococcus hominis level of 400. Health Canada limits bacteria count on baby products to 100. The issue with the Huggies wipes does not come from the supplier but from a third party that the products were sold to before being distributed to Dollarama. At this time there is no reimbursement information, you are simply being told to throw them out. CLICK HERE to get more information from CBC news


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