Friday, August 5, 2011

MAC face brush kit 245

Yesterday I went and bought this makeup brush set from MAC. As some of you may know I didn't own any MAC brushes until recently and I absolutely love every single one that I purchased. My last purchase was the one from yesterda-face brush set and it was $58+ tax which came to $65.54. It came with four brushes and a makeup case. The four face brushes were:
MAC 187 SE
168 SE
194 SE
190 SE

I didn't really get a chance to try them out well enough to write a good review, I only used 190 and 168 yesterday and I love those brushes. I have a similar brush to 168 called collection ..not sure where that's from because I got it as a gift a few years back but it's not the same as 168. The brush bristles are a lot sturdier on mac and not as fluffy as the collection brush.
So far I think this was a good buy but I will let you know when I use it a few more times because I heard the bristles fall out from the brushes, but we will see.
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!
Buh byeee


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