Thursday, August 18, 2011

Broadway nails-fashion express UPDATE/REVIEW

I bought these fake nails recently and I said I'd write a review when I put them on so here it is..

Cost:$7 Canadian @ Walmart

Cute design
Natural looking
Fairly easy to apply
Pretty affordable
24 nails to chose from(different sizes)

Does not come with glue! You have to purchase your own
Do not last too long compared vs getting your nail done at the salon

I liked these nails. I really liked the design. They color of the nails also goes well with skin compared to some nails where you can just tell they are totally fake. The only downfall to this particular purchase is that it does not come with glue. I had to purchase nail glue today and it came to $2. Overall, I'd purchase it again and I do recommend this product if you are looking to buy fake nails. Ofcourse getting nails done is better because they last longer and it looks more natural but it's also more damaging to nails compared to this.


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