Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Hey guys,
Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I've been so busy AGAIN..with doctors and with moving things around. We are re-painting everything and I'm getting a new bedroom . It was not supposed to come in until Mid or end July but someone canceled their order so now the bedroom is in sooner than anticipated. We are trying to get everything done this weekend or next week so I can get the new bedroom. The problem is that I have tooooo much stuff!! I have 3 closets full with clothes and I had a full dresser!
Not to mention all the other junk in my bedroom and under the bed lol.
Once this is all done, and I figure stuff out with school and doctors/treatment I will be updating a lot more!
Plus I was kind of embarrassed to videotape in my bedroom cuz it was such a mess hahaha
So hopefully now I'll be uploading more! I have some videos that I haven't edited or I ttried uploading but it took forever so I gave up. I might post those!

In the meantime I will be posting some freebies and samples!
Makeup reviews and stuff are coming up soon because I purchased some things such as mac brushes, nail polishes and eyeshadow ;)



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