Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Facial products that I use

Here are my most commonly used facial products
1. Clean & Clear (Johnson & Johnson)
( I use this every other day)
It really works well, you feel it will start feeling a tingling sensation and it will leave your face feeling fresh. Definatelly my favorite
2. Deep inpact- Lathering Facial Scrub (Apricot & Wild Cherry) by Freeman
Usually I do this once or twice a week..
It leaves your face feeling really soft and smooth.
3.Oil-Free Acne Wash -Neutrogena
This I usually use when I get pimples/acne. Which is either before my period or when I eat a lot of chocolate or drink a lot of pop. Works really well.
4. Blemish fighting Cleanser- Biore
This I usually use once or twice a month.
5.Hydrofirming Day Cream spf/fps 15- Avon
Usually I apply it after every shower...sometimes more often depending if my skin is really dry than I use it more often (sometimes twice a day)

These things I use through out the year..whenever they are handy
**Mild Cleansing Oil- FANCL
**Deep Clean-Neutrogena
**Active Mud for face-Borghese (usually once every 2-3 months)


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