Monday, June 20, 2011

annabelle smudge liner adn eyebrow pencil

I had to get my prescription at shoppers and while i was waiting I picked up annabelle eybrow pencil and smudge liner. I don't ever recall it being so expensive! Maybe it's cuz it's shoppers? Last time I bought the eyebrow pencil I believe it came to like $3. On those two items i spent $20.88
The eyebrow pencil came to $7.99 and the liner was 10.49 + tax =$20.88 Is it ridiculous or what?
I really needed the eyebrow pencil and I previously used annabelle and it worked for me so that's why I decided to purchase it again, but next time I will definitely shop around and compare prices.
I never tried the smudge liner so I will do a review on it soon.


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