Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just say yes (self tanner) + Tinted love review

Lena from Designer Skin was kind enough and sent me "Just say Yes" (self tanner with mega bronzer) and "Tinted Love" (daily moisturizer) for a review.( I was not paid to write this review)
As soon as I received it in the mail I was so eager to try it. I applied the self tanner first on my hand and waited a few minutes and I did not see any result. This product takes a while to start showing but results are awesome and it does not turn your skin orange or leave that bad smell like most self tanners. It actually smells pretty nice =)
I let my boyfriend try it (he's pretty pale and burns easily, so this works out well for him or anyone who burns easily and does not want to go tanning)
He fell in love it and he is bugging me to use it now lol.
Here's a picture of me applying a small portion on my hand.

p.s don't mind my hand lol I have arthritis that makes my joints swell up :(

Later I will do my whole body so you can see the effect of this self tanner. (I will keep you updated on how its working when you keep re-applying it)

-Cheaper than tanning
(considering you have to get a good quality lotion, pay for minutes and drive there)
-great for people who burn easily ( can avoid painful visits to tanning salons) and at the same time great an amazing tan
-smells great (fresh passion berry)
-Does not wash out like most self tanners/tans
-Awesome if you need a quick tan for a wedding or any other event (compared to tanning where you might have to go a few times to accomplish same results
-You can re-apply it to achieve darker tan (but should wait a few hrs in between)

-Really have to rub it in well! You should start out with small amount of lotion and really rub it well with circular motion.
-You don't get results immediately. I used some self tanners where you get results immediately but they wash out right away as well. This self tanner may take a few hrs to a day to see results (perhaps depending on skin? I'm not too sure because I just started using it)

Over all:
Great product ! This product is great for anyone especially for those who need a quick tan or for individuals who burn easily and avoid tanning beds. Please note that it does take a while for the tan to start showing up (anywhere from a few hrs to maybe a day at most) For me it took about 4-5 hrs but the next day my hand was really dark. Once you see the results you can then decide whether or not you want to apply more for an even darker tan. It does not turn your skin orange or leave a bad smell like some other self tanners !It smells awesome and works great!
Price: $27 4.5oz Bottle

This particular product is offered in tanning salons only! For more tanning products visit their site www.designerskin.com


Ashley said...

Thanks for the review. I'll be looking for it on ebay!

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