Sunday, November 21, 2010


Yesterday my bf bought me a new canon camera, and I absolutely love it! It takes amazing pictures. My other canon camera was good too but its a little bit outdated. I bought it a few years back when it first came out, for about $450 Cnd.It was Canon PowerShot SD600 and the one I got now is SD 1400 :)
I will be posting a lot more updates, and a lot more makeup/nail photos now that I have a better camera. I straggled to take good pics before and most of the time they would be too bright or too dark and the picture of the makeup would look nothing like the makeup I had on.

On another note, I noticed that a lot of my visitors are from the States. Most of my purchases are done in Canada, so if I blog about some stores and their deals they are most likely located in Canada unless otherwise specified. Where I live we don't have forever 21, or Sephora or Target. I wish we did, but unfortunately there's no stores , not even in the area, oh and the closest Ikea is like 4 hrs away lol.
However, I do find deals online once in a while and some of them are for both US and Canadian residents, and sometimes they are only for US residents and I still post those. I will also be posting pics of some of the new things I purchased. I'll try to update as much as possible, but do understand that I am very busy with school, especially now that exams are coming up. I still have a few more assignments to do and 2 midterms before the exams which start on Dec 9.
That's all for now,hope everyone's weekend was good..more updates to follow,


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