Thursday, September 9, 2010

Boredom= extensions review

Hello again,
I just tweeted, not sure if you're following me but if your not you should :P
I'm waiting for my next class to start and since I forgot to bring my credit card I couldn't purchase any of the books today! BOO
Anyways, this will result in extensions review.
I've had both clip in extensions and fuse extensions and let me tell you, the clip ins are sooooo much better. The fuse extensions not only damage your hair, but they grow with your hair as well and it looks really weird when one piece is longer than the rest of your hair. Not to mention you have to go back every few weeks to get them re-done. WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY! Unless ofcourse, you can afford going back to salon and paying them to redo them, but still it's damaging to your hair. I paid my fuse extensions $300 for 50 something pieces and the guy told me it's a great deal. Riiight! I GOT RIPPED OFF.. he told me there were 60 pieces, meanwhile there were only like 55 not even. So if you want extensions, get clip ins and REAL hair!


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