Monday, January 12, 2009

Hair Extensions Review..

So last month I decided to get hair extensions. I ended up getting the glue in , indivudal ones. I was told that he was putting 65 pieces. For 60 pieces I ended up paying $360 + 10 tip. I've been told by some people that they are more expensive than that and others say I was ripped off, so I cannot confirm on that. The extensions were real hair. I liked my extensions because it looked natural, but it was a pain in the ass to wash and brush. The pieces would fall out at least one piece a week. I was told by the hair dresser that they were to stay in for 6months to a year, except mine didn't even last two months. Since most of my extensions came off my friend gave me her clip in ones to try and I must say those work a lot better. You can put them in whenever and take them off whenever. It was hard for me to make them stay in but they would usually stay in for a day. I'd take them off at night.
I decided to take my glue in ones out because I only had about 15 pieces left and it didnt look good at all. For a full set it would cost over $450 and at that time I couldn't afford it, and in a way its good because it was a waste of money pretty much. Clip ins do a great job and are a lot cheaper. Once I took them all out,I counted them up and I only had 56 pieces instead of 65 as I was told he'd put in. So if you guys ever decide to get glue in extensions, keep in mind they will most likely to fall off faster, itch more, and also make sure you count how many are being out in.

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