Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fake Nails Review

A lot of my friends have been complimenting me on my nails so I thought I'd do a review on a couple of fake nail kits that I've used in the past. They always think that I got my nails done at the salon. I usually buy them from Shoppers Drugmart. In past I've used Broadway "Airbrush glass" nail kit, Broadway "Real Life" french nail kit, Claire's "Airbrush Nails"and there were a few others but I don't have the kits anymore so I don't remember.

My favorite by far are Broadway brand. They usually go for something like $9.99 or 9.89. I used those for my b-day and it lasted me 2 weeks!! Can you believe that?? Thats the longest they lasted me. My claire's one didn't even last me the night.


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