Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Eyeshadow colors for brunettes

It’s actually the colour and highlights of your hair rather than the colour of your eyes that will guide you through the colour range to find your perfect shades. A colour may appear softer or brighter, depending on how light or dark your complexion is. Products sheer in texture will reveal themselves only on a pale complexion; deeper skin tones require richer textures with shimmer.

The warm palette—champagne, peach, copper, warm green, or golden brown—suits women with golden blonde, strawberry blonde, red, or brown hair with golden undertones.

The cool palette—pink, violet, blue, turquoise, cool green, or brown—looks great with grey, ash blond, brown with burgundy undertones, or black hair.

The neutral colours—peach, grey, or neutral brown—are universal for every complexion and hair.


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