Wednesday, June 5, 2013

No No-razor REVIEW

I got this for my b-day as a present from my mom! Not sure exactly how much it was since it was a b-day present. I tried using it and so far not too pleased with it. It does say give it time, so I will just do that. You have to charge it for at least 5 hrs before using it the first time. There are 3 heat settings, low,medium and high. When you first use it, it might smell like burnt hair. It comes with two attachments (one for smaller areas of the body like facial hair and bigger for legs and such. So far I find that it's hard to remove bikini area hairs and armpit hair,however it's been pretty good so far on larger areas such as legs. It says to give it 45 days so I will definitely do a follow up. ----------------------------------------------------------------- If you plan to use this or any other material from my site, please contact me before you share anything from here, and please read my content policy.THANKS!


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