Monday, May 12, 2008

Indoor tanning salon reviews

Lately I've been going tanning a lot and I actually started getting a nice tan. I used to have a membership at Bright Side and I never got a tan there. Their beds aren't that good and they sell you shitty lotions. I don't think that they change their bulbs often, their beds are usually cold all the time and it takes forever for it to start working.After that I decided to go to a few different ones and see which one would work for me.
Dark side is pretty good, I'm not sure if most of you guys are familiar with these it might all depend on the location where you live.
My favorite has to be No Tan Line Salon. They change their bulbs regularly and you get notice a difference right away.
Another good one is Caribbean Tanning Salon. They are a little bit pricey but again you can notice a difference and their rooms are huge, and the have lotions inside for you and deodorant and stuff like that which is pretty nice.

What I usually do..
I used to go for 20 minute regular...I'd suggest doing that at the very beginning depending on how dark you are already and your skin type. If your skin is very sensitive and you burn easy go for like 10 minutes. I already have a base tan so I can go for about 20 minutes or even 10 in the sizzler. You should also have a good tanning lotion. Anything with a bronzer is good, just make sure you rub it in good.
I wouldn't suggest buying anything step 1 because it doesn't work , you won't tan at all, but that's just my suggestion.
I will be adding lotion reviews soon.


Anonymous said...

I personally love Designer Skin Spellbound tanning lotion. It leaves your skin super soft and smells amazing!

xoxkissablexox said...

Oh thats cool, thanks for sharing the info..
is there any specifici tanning salons u go to as well?

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