Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ion Titanium 1 1/2 PRO Curling Iron Review

Recently I purchased Ion Titanium 1 1/2 PRO Curling Iron from Sallys and I am not too impressed. I have their straightner and I absolutely love it but not too impressed with the curling iron. Here are some pros and cons Pro: -Fairly cheap $49.99 -Heats up to 430F -Long Cord -Insulated tip but not thumbrest (which is a con for me) -Ceramic -Auto shut off after 60 minutes -Heats up fast Cons: -You have to keep it in your hair longer than 20 sec to see any results (or at least I did) -Curls do not last long -Though the tip and thumb rest are insulated and are supposed to protect from the heat only the tip does, and the thumb rest does not protect form heat Although this curling iron has a lot of great features, it is not for me. It did not produce the curls I wanted and it took a really long time to get any curls. I had to keep re-doing it over and over again. The heat settings are a little bit confusing at first because it goes from 180, 300 and then 430 but there is also I, II, III on it and you have it line it up. I also did not like the fact that the thumb rest is not states it is but it is not. Heat penetrates through it and it gets really hot to the point where it is uncomfortable to hold. It did not work for me, however it might work for someone else. I did like the fact that it has auto shut off after 60 minutes because if you are in a rush and forget to turn it off it will automatically shut off, and the long cord is a bonus.

It does have some good features.


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