Tuesday, March 8, 2011

schick intuition vs gillette venus embrace

I've used both of these products and I must say that I really love using venus embrace.Why? Because it's easy to hold unlike schick intuition, and it lasts way longer.
I like the style of schick intuition and all the colors and different soap fragrance that they put around the razor blade, but it does not last long.I just recenly purchased one and used it for 2 weeks, not even two weeks and it's ready to be tossed out because all the soap around the razor melted away. I find that venus embrace is much more practical to use and lasts a lot longer.
Also the razor heads bend as you move along and allows for shaving with no cuts.
It costs under $10 usually around 8$ depending where you live.
And schick intution is a lot more expensive..over $10 and does not last long at all

So in the end I pick venus embrace because its..
cheaper, more practical, lasts longer, and the razor head bends so it allows for
smoother streaks.


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