Wednesday, February 16, 2011


First off, I want to appologize for lack of updates. I've been busy with school. I have a lot of assignments and midterms coming up. On top of all that, I was experiencing problems with my Vaio and brought it in for repair. There was something wrong with my battery adaptor and they had to replace it. However, they told me they might have to replace my hard drive, which in my mind has nothing to do with the battery but figured they are professionals. A week later I got called to pick it up,and ofcourse they HAD to replace my hard drive since the battery and hard drive are's like day and night. But I let that go..even though all my stuff was gone. So as soon as I brought it home and turned it on there was a blue screen saying insafficient memory and memory dump. And to my luck, ofcourse it was already 9pm and store was closed. I restarted the laptop, hoping this would disappear, and it did..for about 5 minutes. Within those 5 min I had just enough time to download/install mozilla and it happened again..and again and about 15 times after that. I tried to download some programs but every 5-10 minutes the blue screen would appear. THe next day I brought my laptop in and explained what has happened and the sales associate looks at me like I'm an idiot and blames me for this and says I installed a virus. He didn't even listen to what i was saying since clearly if he did he would know that a) It happened as soon as I turned on my laptop
b) they just replaced the hard drive and placed a "new one"
c) I didnt even have enough time to download anything yet alone install something without getting the blue screen
So he said they would look at it and fix it that day. Two days later I call one answers, then someone hung up then I couldn't get through after 20 minutes. Later I called a different department and they picked up right away, and when I told them I want comp dept he just said they are extremely busy..RIGHT..every time I come there, theres 4 sales associates doing fuck all just standing around ignoring customers and walking away. So finally I got through after calling numerous times and ofcourse it was not ready and there was a bigger problem. Apparently something they could not catch in the hard drive?..I don't get why they would even remove my hard drive in the first had nothing to do with the battery cord!! So now it's been over 3 weeks and I'm still waiting. I was very upset, too bad I stayed so calm, I don't even know how I could be that calm after all this bullshit. Now I don't have a laptop and I lost all of my stuff that was on that laptop..everything gone cuz of nothing adn on top of that they placed an infected hard drive..way to go future shop..way to go..if you keep it up you will be in newspapers pretty soon
On the good note, I'm almost done with my midterms and hopefully I will have my laptop soon so I can update more often.


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