Monday, December 13, 2010

Gift idea for him and her #1

First short gift idea for him and her..more coming soon

1. The smart phone
You can purchase many different ones. I'm using LG Xenon and I absolutely love it.It's touch screen with slide out keyboard and 3G network (free Facebook,Google, Twitter) It was free with the 3 year contract when it first came out but now it ranges from 30-300$
Again, it depends on the store, location and contract duration. The shorter the contract term the more expensive the phone will be.

2. Itunes gift card
You pick the amount you wish to give (can range from $10-$100 and can be for either music or videos)
You can also give any gift card- for example their favorite store (Target, Game city, Blockbuster, gift card to the mall)

3.Playstation 3
Or any other video game..check your local flyers for discounts and sales. In my area Toys R us is having a good deal on Wii $199 (Red, limited edition w a game)


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