Saturday, July 17, 2010

New youtube channel :)

I finally created a new youtube channel! I decided to get rid of my old one for a few reason one of them being my ex creeping me and his gf also creeping me (his x being my x friend..) It's been almost 3 yrs how we haven't been together and I did move on but I don't know if he did since he was trying to talk to me still. We've been together for 5 years and then broke up and he was dating my friend as soon as we broke up.(and doing things while we were together) I decided its time for a new start. I completely cut off all of our x friends because they seem to only be talking shit both about him and then talking shit about me to him which I don't need in my life, therefore I got rid of that bs :)
I've been dealing with way too much in the past few years from the crazy breakup to tons of drama and the aftermath of the breakup and betraying friends. Then from all the stress and bullshit I developed a few things and for one I needed surgery so I definitely want to lead a stress free life and no b,s :)
Excited for a new fresh start ;)
Hope you like my new layout and new design. Mtre videos to come soon, lots of tutorials and reviews.
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