Monday, March 2, 2009

one of my b-day gifts

As I mentioned before it was my b-day on the 24th and my dog Chloe had her puppies on my b-day..I was very happy for that..She had 3 lil babies, 2 males and one female..I'm still trying to convince my mom to keep one..
Here are a few pics

Other than that, I got $, clothes and a purple clutch

We didn't really do anything crazy, we just went to Honest Lawyer which is a pretty chill place. There was about 20 people who showed up which was good. Unfortunately there was sort of misunderstanding and they didn't have my booth ready on time, but we ended up getting a huge table within 15 minutes. The club was wayy too packed so I was happy with that.
Next year I'm probably going to do something more fancy/classy again. It's good to change it once in a while, because before all I did was fancy/classy bars.
I didn't get to wear my outfit that I had planned which was a dress because it was wayyyy too cold, and this was not that type of bar anyways..
When I do wear it I will put the pics..
Pics are coming soon..I've been busy with school, midterms, b-day and GYM! I finally decided to start going,and I already feel better, and more was a good idea just gotta keep it up.


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