Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hello Kitty

The new collection from Mac recently came out..and I know theres tons of people who absolutely love the new "Hello Kitty"Collection, so I decided to put a few pics of some of my fave looks by Mac artists

Define brows with Spiked Eye Brows. Use 242 Shader Brush to blend Phone Number Eye Kohl over the eyelid, before setting with Stately Black Eye Shadow with 239 Shader Brush. Use 224 Blending Brush to blend Stately Black Eye Shadow up through the crease, creating smoky effect. Use 212 Flat Brush to create a soft highlight under the brow with Yogurt Eye Shadow. Intensify the upper lashline by using 212 Flat Brush with Carbon Eye Shadow to create a delicate line of matte black through the lashes. Use 228 Shader Brush to smudge a smoky eye lining effect with Stately Black Eye Shadow through the lower lashes. Apply Technakohl in Smoothblue to line the inside rim of the lower lashes, adding an unexpected flash of turquoise.
Finish with a dose of Plush Lash Mascara in Plushblack on upper and lower lashes.

Give a slight contour to cheeks by using sweeping Tippy Beauty Powder Blush under cheekbones with 129 Powder Blush Brush.

Softly define lips with Subculture Lip Pencil. Create a soft mouth with Lipstick in Fashion Mews and a dazzling coat of Luminary Lustreglass.


Groom brows with Beguile Brow Set. Use 242 Shader Brush under brows with Crème Royal Eye Shadow. Use 249 Shader Brush to apply Paint Pot in Rubenesque on the eyelid, and set with Paradisco Eye Shadow on the inner and outer lid only. Highlight the centre of the lid with Crème Royale Eye Shadow. Softly blend Rule Eye Shadow with 217 Blending Brush through the crease. Use 219 Pencil Brush to shade Lucky Tom Eye Shadow through the inner and outer contour. Apply Glitterpuss Glitter Eye Liner with 209 Liner Brush above the upper lashline. Use 209 Liner Brush to blend Dipdown Fluidline with Crème Royale Eye Shadow through the inner lashes. Finish lining with 228 Shader Brush to shade Paradisco Eye Shadow under the outer lashes. Apply Plush Lash Mascara in Plushblack on upper and lower lashes.

Balance the eye by keeping cheeks natural by using 116 Blush Brush to blend Tahitian Sand Beauty Powder under cheekbones.

Create a monochromatic look by using Stripdown Lip Pencil to balance the mouth first, before blending Fresh Brew Lipstick and Nice To Be Nice Lipglass on lips with 311 Lip Liner Brush.


Define and groom brows with Lingering Eye Brows and Beguile Brow Set. Highlight the browbone with Yogurt Eye Shadow with 217 Blending Brush. Use 239 Shader Brush to shade Embark Eye Shadow over the eyelid, following with Deep Blue Green Pigment on the outer lid. Use 224 Blending Brush to blend Eye Shadow in Soba through the crease of the eye and apply a sweep of Stately Black Eye Shadow through the outer contour only. Apply a thin line of Blacktrack Fluidline along the upper lashline with 210 Liner Brush. Blend Stately Black Eye Shadow through the lower outer lashes with 228 Shader Brush for a smoky line. Finish by applying Too Dolly Eye Shadow to the inner lower lashline with 266 Angle Brush. Apply Prep + Prime Lash before a generous coat of Plushblack Mascara on both upper and lower lashes.

Use 168 Large Angled Contour Brush to give a soft contour to cheeks with a light dusting of Tippy Beauty Powder Blush.

Define Lips with Naked Rose Cremestick Liner, and follow through by using 316 Lip Brush to shade Lipstick in Fashion Mews. Finish with a glossy coat of Fast Friends Lipglass.

All of these images are property of MacCosmetics website


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