Monday, November 24, 2008

Beauty for less

I came across a site yesterday with all these beauty deals for Toronto residence, but some can be applied to different Canadian cities as well as American.
For example, if you want your teeth bleached professionally, the dentist will charge you $350 for the tray and the bleach. You can get it for about $250 for both trays (lower and upper) if you go to a local college and get the dental assistants and dentists in training to make it for you. Same goes with getting your hair cut and colored. If you go to the local college, they do it for really cheap because they need experience and they try to get future clients.
Here are some of the locations in Toronto that have great deals for hair, nails and others.

Aveda Academy Salon

Students here are taught a three-point system, which marries haircutting and hair colouring with makeup application, as well as how to adapt their skills to meet clients' specific needs. Best of all, they use only Aveda products and charge a fraction of what you'd pay at a regular salon: $25 for a wash and blowout, $40 for the damage-remedy treatment and $45 and up for highlights. The only small setback is that the salon doesn't have regular business hours, so call to see when its staff can spend some time on your strands.

125 King St. East • 416-921-2961 •

Prices: $25-$45+

Beauty Exchange

Six years ago Beauty Exchange owner and founder Dina Fodero envisioned opening a high-calibre aesthetics school and professional-grade spa committed to women's well-being. Today, just as Dina dreamed, students at BE are serious about the health and beautification of their clients. Pop in for a $10 mani, a $36 chocolate body scrub or a$44 mud wrap. Be pampered with brand-name products like Sothys and Allpresan or with the spa's very own Be Exfoliated line. You'll feel uplifted without having to empty your wallet. Students are available from Monday to Friday, but on Saturday the instructors take over and the spa services are regularly priced.

3281 Yonge St. • 416-932-2445 •

Prices: $6-$65
Canadian Business College Faculty of Dental Hygiene

So you want a gleaming smile but aren't willing to swallow the $500 price tag for professionally whitened teeth? At the Canadian Business College's Faculty of Dental Hygiene, located in the Cumberland Terrace, a set of customized moulds and a bleaching kit will set you back only $100. If it's a standard checkup you're after, $20 will get you a dental exam, complete with cleaning and polishing, performed by third- and fourth-semester students. Rest easy as a certified dentist and hygienist supervise the procedure and perform a post-cleaning exam for no extra charge. Services are available Monday through Friday by appointment.

2 Bloor St. West • 416-925-6594 •

Prices: $20-$100


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