Friday, February 22, 2008

I got my dress :)

I finally bought a dress yesterday for my b-day. Now the problem is what shoes to wear and how to do the make up. While I was at shoppers, one of the ladies helped me out with some makeup and stuff so she suggested to go with white and greyish. My dress is greenish-blue/ turquoise , and I'll be wearing gold shoes.
Now what do you guys think? I was thinking gold and greenish eyeshadow..but she thinks that the white and greyish will stand out a lot more..thoughts??

This is the dress..
What shoes do you think I should wear??
I'm thinking the last ones...without the diamonds


ladyjane said...

OoOoO I like the dress! Especially the color! And yes, definitely the pair with the diamonds. Have a happy birthday :D I also want to say thanks for dropping by. Please come back for more visits :)

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