Thursday, January 17, 2008

Whiter teeth

Ever wanted to have those amazingly white teeth like the celebrities, but never knew which product to try? Well here's a few products along with their reviews. This review was done by Dana Tye with a few personal comments by me. Enjoy.

At the dentists office ...
Ultraviolet treatment: Zoom! and BrightSmile coat teeth with an ultraviolet-activated whitening gel, containing as much as 25 percent hydrogen peroxide. They promise smiles that are whiter by seven shades or more.
Cost? $500 to $1,000.
Discomfort level? The newest version, Zoom! 2, generates less heat and works faster than its predecessor, reducing pain for gums.
Time factor? Considered the fast food of the teeth whitening industry, they change chompers from hausfrau yellow to wedding day white in a single 60- to 90-minute treatment.
Contraindications? May cause gum sensitivity or require follow-up treatment.
How long does it last? Depending on one's penchant for red wine, coffee or cigarettes, a single treatment can last six months to a few years.

-Never tried this one, but I heard it works. I've seen this at the mall here where I live and it costs $5oo for an hr.


Custom-fit bleaching trays: Take-home trays, with individual teeth moulds, are worn over the teeth after being injected with bleaching gel.
Cost? $400 to $600.
Discomfort level? Some people object to the lengthly tray-wearing process, and the bleaching trays may irritate the teeth and gums.
Time factor? Be prepared to wear these anti-social oral trays for several hours a day over one to three weeks.
Contraindications? Although it is rare, gums may burn if chemicals are left too long on teeth.
How long do they last? Teeth may remain seven to 10 shades whiter for a year or more. The bleaching trays can be used to touch up ultraviolet treatments.

-I am planning to try this in the future. This works, a lot of my friends have used it and results are really noticeable. I heard the first few weeks your teeth/gums get a little sensitive but after about a week or two it goes away.
Here where I live it costs $350 for both trays or you can get either upper tray or lower tray each for 150$.
Another thing that not a lot of people know is that you can go to your local college and get it done for like $200 by a student, which is the same thing when you go to the dentist office because the assistants do most of the work and the dentist just sends the impression away to be done. I'd definately recommend going to local college and getting it done by a student.

Over the counter ...
Crest Whitestrips Premium Plus; Oral-B Rembrandt Whitening Pen; Colgate Simply White Clear Whitening Gel: Thin, flexible strips coated with 10 percent hydrogen peroxide lift tooth-surface stains. The applicator pen contains a similar bleaching agent. The leave-on gel does not require rinsing.
Cost? Strips, $48; pen, $20; brush-on gel, $15.
Discomfort level? Initial dental checkups against potential gum sensitivity are advised for whitewashed-smile wannabes.
Time factor? The strips involve twice-daily 30-minute applications over 10 days. The pen takes 14 nights of before-bedtime treatment. The gel requires twice-daily applications for 14 days.
Contraindications? Improperly placed strips or product overuse can cause gums to redden and flare.
How long do they last? The latest Whitestrips deliver 18 months in the dazzle department; the pen, seven to 18 months; the gel, six months.

Reach Brightener Toothbrush; Oral-B Advantage Artica Toothbrush; Pfizer Advanced Listerine: The toothbrushes feature tapered heads and multi-leveled bristles to enliven plaque-dulled teeth. The mouthwash uses zinc chloride to unearth potential tartar, maintaining shinier chompers and sexier breath.
Cost? Reach Brightener, $4.15; Oral-B Advantage, $4.39; mouthwash, $3 for 250 mL.
Discomfort level? Overuse of the brushes can irritate the gums.
Time factor? Use twice daily to maintain whiteness rather than produce dramatic results.
Contraindications? Considered safe if used properly.
How long do they last? Like an extended warranty for bright teeth following professional or at-home whitening treatments.


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