Saturday, October 1, 2016

Renew Massage Roller by FLO360

Purchased this almost a month ago at Winners for 24$
13" Massage Roller
-Roll away stress
-Decrease pain
-Relieve tension
-Increase circulation
-Overall body balance

Upper back
Lower back
It band

My overall experience:
It took a while to get down majority of ways to target certain groups of muscles.  
It works really great for upper and lower back as well as glutes. It also works great for hamstrings. I never it on my chest. I suffer from severe arthritis and I find that this helps get rid of some of those knots in the upper and lower back. It does feel a little rough and it may cause some very minor pain/discomfort but it does feel good afterwards.  I chose this roller over flat surface one because this one digs deeper and gives you more of a deep tissue massage.  I love the color as well. The only thing I am not too thrilled about is the lenght and the price. I wish this one was about 15-16inch and maybe $15. 
Wishful thinking right?
Until next time my lovlies πŸ’•


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