Friday, July 15, 2011

scrunching hair-naturally looking wavy hair

Ever wonder how to get those natural looking hairs by scrunching it? I've tried mutliple times before and failed terrible until a friend shared this secret with me.

I always ended up with stiff , sticky pieces of hair that could poke someone's eye out. But now you can avoid that and get super sexy naturally looking curls by doing the following.
Things you will need:



*Product for curls/wavy hair (avoid gels or hair mousse)

*Blow dryer + diffuser

*Heat protectant spray (optional)

Shampoo your hair reguarly, then apply conditioner. Rinse conditioner out of hair but do it upside down. Don't towel roll your hair!
This time apply any product for wavy or curly hair. Avoid using moose or regular gel if possible since it might leave our hair all sticky and stiff. Before blowdrying your hair apply heat protectant spray.
Use diffuser on your blow dryer and tip your hair upside down again and keep scrunching it while you blow dry with the diffuser on. Voila! You have achieved that natural curl wavy look without damaging your hair with the curling iron!

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