Sunday, May 1, 2011

R.I.P Jiggy :(

Last night my cat passed away. I was just so shocked because it was so sudden and unexpected.On top of all this she has 3 little kittens and I am leaving for Europe for a while so I won't be there for them. I'm very sad because she died too soon and left behind these beautiful babies but I won't even be there now when they need me :(
Luckily my boyfriend's mom and my boy friend are going to take care of them while I'm gone so that puts my mind at ease.It just seems like this stress is never ending. First with all the doctors and my health now the second cat died..just terrible. It's too much stress. I'm a huge animal lover so I feel like I lost my friend. She was such a great cat. She always went to her litter, wasn't fussy about food, always purred, always showed affection.. and she was my first kitten by Bella and she was born on my b-day :(
Still can't believe she is gone...
I'm going to miss my angel
Rest in peace baby girl


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