Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine's day ideas for both him and her..

Since Valentine's day is fast approaching thought I'd share some tips that I found online and things I used to do for my ex..This year is gonna be the first time in 5 yrs that I won't be spending it with the bf..but that won't stop me from having fun :P
anyways here are some things I used to do/buy
-boxers with funny saying or the ones that glow in the dark
-Surprise dinner ( I didn't think it was a bad idea for me prepare a dinner but someone people think its a guys job..but then again this after 4yrs so..)
-Tickets to his favorite game/concert

Things for guys to do for HER
-Chocolate,teddy bears, deliver flowers to her work, jewelery
-Cook something special for her at home
-Take her to the nearby beach for a midnight stroll. Slowly get that surprise gift out of your pocket and profess undying love under the moon.
-Write love notes and hide them all over the house. You will surely make her go on a romantic hunt all around the house
-Replicate your first date
-Make a collage of your photos
-Make a cd with her favorite songs
-Make a video by including clips of your past trips, prom etc, and maybe even propose that way.
-Book a vacation before hand and surprise her with tickets
-Surprise her with SPA coupons :)

Things for girls to do for Him
-Cook something special+ watch his fave movie
-Get him tickets to his fave game
-Dress sexy give him a body massage
-Book your vacation as a surprise, and hide the tickets in his underwear drawer
-Take a scented bath together
-Visit your favorite club. Dance the whole night away after having some wine and cocktails.
-Dress like a waitress and serve him morning tea with a short romantic message, a fragrant bouquet and a sensual morning kiss

For all my single ladies
-Pamper yourself either with chocolate, spa, that dress or that outfit that you've been eying for a while
-Get your hair did lol, maybe a manicure or pedicure as well
-Wear that sexy dress out to dinner with your best friends or go out and party
-Plan a trip out of town with your friends


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