Friday, April 10, 2020

Today's self care : quarantine edition

Today I decided to do some journaling and self reflection as well as read a book. I'm currently reading "stop doing that sh*t " by Gary John Bishop and I'm enjoying it so far.
This morning I did some stretching and foam rolling to get some blood flowing . What did everyone else get up to this morning? Share in the comments down below⤵️💕

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Self care during COVID-19

Since we are all stuck at home figured I'd do something different from my usual posts and start providing some more helpful tips.
During these hard times it's important we stay positive, and take care of ourselves and limit stress. Here are 5 tips you can apply right now to help you be less stressed and more productive.

1. Read a book
2. Yoga + Stretching
3. Call a friend
4. Listen to a podcast
5. Meditate

Those are my favorite that I've implemented so far. I find that they keep me productive and more motivated.

What are some things that keep you productive and busy during these times? Please share in the comments below. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Turban hair towel infuses with Rose oil 🌹

Purchased this turban style hair towel this week at Marshalls for $7.99 Canadian. This particular one is infused with rose oil.  Some of the things that rose oil helps with include; repair dry damaged hair, promote hair growth as well as add shine. I found after first try that my hair dried pretty fast. I would not recommend this for someone who has super thick long hair. My hair is medium length and somewhat thick now and it just all fit in. For anyone with short/medium thickish hair this works perfect and it holds it in place pretty good. Is it necessary? NO. However if its something you've been wanting a try give it a go. Pretty good price too.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Skin lab revitalize and hydrate cleansing towels

Skin lab revitalize and hydrate cleansing towels

Bought these a little while ago at Winners (For American viewers perhaps try Marshalls, or Target)  for $6.99. Wanted to fully test it out before writing a review. These are one of the better quality  out of all the make up wipe removers . These are infused with morrocan rose oil and coconut water. This particular one is used for all skin types. Comes with 60 pre-moistened towelettes. For most of my uses I only needed one make up wipe/towelette. It left my skin feeling really soft. However, I did always decide to wash my face out after.

Pros: Effective and reasonably priced
Leaves skin feeling smooth
Infused with coconut water as well as rose water
Only need to use one towelette for most cases, very efficient

Cons: Comes with 60 towelettes, wish it came with more

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Revele cosmetic headband and croc hair clip set

Got this for $9.99 at a local winners store.
I really like this. The bow is  cute and soft, and it holds a lot of hair back. The clips are also sturdy and hold in place.
This can be used before applying make uo, great for facials or even for blow drying your hair.
Made of 100% microfiber.
It's washable- just wash in cold water and hang to dry..
Definitely happy with this purchase.

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